Paleo Diet Weight Loss


Paleo diet weight loss happens as Human species has not physically undergone groundbreaking physical changes in the past centuries. But things such as technology and food supply in the past centuries have changed substantially. This has led to high obesity rates all over the world which has been more than 35% since the year 2010. There is nothing wrong with the way our body works, but our evolved foods are what have created this disjunction of weight gain. Ever since the time of the cavemen, our bodies have been able to accumulate fats and store them because usually there would be a large gap in our next meal than it is nowadays.

People from the previous centuries were healthier and had a longer lifespan, even without the advanced medicines. Paleo diet which is popularly known as “the caveman’s diet” is a form of weight loss diet plan that reconstructs a food plan that we are “meant to follow”. It has been ranked as one of the best overall diet plans one can follow for a steady and effective weight loss strategy. The Hunter-Gatherer diet as it is also known is not about going back to the dark ages but going back to the types of foods that were are part of the caveman’s daily diet. But what makes Paleo diet weight loss is that your diet plan does not revolve around losing weight but also induces a healthy nutritional lifestyle.

Paleo Diet Weight Loss

Diet Of Proteins & Fibers


Including a high number of protein rich foods into any weight loss diet is essential and that is exactly what encourages people to try out Paleo diet weight loss. Our ancestors either hunted their foods for the meat (protein) or gathered the fruits and vegetables that grew in the wild (fibers and nutrients). There was no form of foods available until the turn of the centuries which helped us uncover the processed carbohydrates foods that have become a part of our daily lives today.

The Paleo diet weight loss strategy utilizes the food plan by eliminating all the processed foods which are easy to digest but make your hungry again very soon. The fiber in your meals helps you feel bulky and the proteins provide you with the nutrition that the body needs to grow. The diet comprises of all the soluble fibers, and additions of fat burning Omega-3 and mono saturated fats speed up your metabolism, which in turn regulates the fat burning processes in the body. The effects of the Paleo diet weight loss is visible in the first few weeks as you keep the processed carbohydrates out and eat all the natural and healthy ingredients. Instances are no rare, when the Paleo diet shows effects within 1 week.

Paleolithic Diet

Nutrition Partitioning & Calorie Cutting Technique

It is a general belief that losing weight is all about doing the basic math; the number of calories you consume should be less than your required average and with some exercise you will lose weight. Although this theory may be right up to a certain point, but calories differ according to their sources. For example: 100 calories from cream cheese will differ from the 100 calories of lettuce or salads. Paleo diet weight loss helps you in assessing the right calories and consuming the foods that help your diet and not break it.

Smiling young housewife making salad

Our body has a fat “set point” that we consciously or unconsciously maintain and whenever we lose the fat percentage below this level, out body tries to gain back the fats. This “set point” has been increasing over the decades since all the non healthy yet stimulating foods that our brain sees which creates a sort of addiction to the foods. Paleo diet’s natural pathway help you regulate your set point and alter in a way that works for your weight loss plan.

Thousand Years Human Experience and the paleolithic diet

The effectiveness of the Paleo diet weight loss techniques is revealed in the thousand year old lifestyle of our ancestral cavemen. Research studies show that the hunters and gatherers among the ancient population we physically active, lean and free of diseases, considering there was no medical treatment back then. Although it requires more knowledge of how the cavemen stayed so fit and typically lean and without obesity, it is obvious that this form of natural diet has been working for the human beings for thousands of years.

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