Bodybuilding Supplements


Generally, when people begin training in the gym, whether it is for general fitness or a specific body building program, they are exceptionally enthusiastic. They have probably envisioned the massive gains and improvements they will see in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately, far too many of them don’t experience the results they are seeking — not even close. There are multitudinous reasons that novice body builders don’t get the results that they are looking for. There two reasons that are extremely prevalent: a poorly designed training program and poor nutrition and a lack of bodybuilding supplements. Although both are extremely important, the information set forth here will focus on the latter of the two.

The Importance of Bodybuilding Supplements

bodybuilding supplements

Working out is only part of a complex equation, when a person is attempting to increase muscle mass as with body building. For the body to support the demand for the increase in mass that is presented by the intense workouts associated with bodybuilding, there has to be a certain level of supplementation. With the way that food is grown and prepared in contemporary culture, there is no way that a person can get all of the nutrients and vitamins necessary to sustain large masses of muscle.

Every pound of muscle consumes at least 50 calories per day just existing. This does not consider any physical exertion. This means that the person’s caloric intake would have to increase, but the type of calories is important as well. It is much easier to supplement than it is to try to create a diet that provides everything that is needed. Here are some bodybuilding supplements that work.

Supplements for muscle building


By far, protein is the most prevalent supplements for muscle building  when it comes to building muscle mass. It is the basic building block of muscle, out without it — in the right amount and form — it is literally impossible to experience any real gain in muscle mass. There are numerous brands and styles, and it all depends on budget and personal goals and expectations.

The right protein supplement can:

  • Produce greater improvements in muscle strength and size
  • Reduce recovery time after a significant workout
  • Help increase the fat burning aspect of the body’s metabolism (This is based on the postulation that the person is not consuming poor quality fats, and that they have a healthy liver and kidney.)

Something worth noting is that whey protein is rapidly digested, so it gets to work quicker. Casein protein has a time-release effect, meaning that it will be digested and processed much slower. What this means is that whey protein may be more effective for supplementing your workouts, while casein will be more effective as a dietary supplement to use throughout the day.


supplements for muscle building

Ingesting quality green supplements for muscle building is also immensely important to supplement the current nutritional intake that will more than likely be lacking in fruits and vegetables. The vitamins and minerals from these supplements will help reduce toxins within the body as well as improve the body’s immune system

Fish Oil or Krill Oil

Either of the supplements will provide vital omega 3 fatty acids. One of the primary effects of this supplement is its anti-inflammatory effect. This will help with a significant amount of the post-workout pain that many people experience after a heavy workout.


One would be hard pressed to find any supplement that has undergone as many scientific studies as creatine. There is a wealth of information available about the multitudinous benefits of using this supplement. The basic message concerning creatine is that it produces significantly greater improvements is size and strength. It also helps increase and sustain the ATP process, allowing the subject in increase workout intensity, duration and frequency. Because creatine takes three times its weight in water to the muscles in the body, water consumption is vital to reduce the risk of cramps.

So as you can see there are only a few bodybuilding supplements that you need to build muscle quickly.

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