How To Approach A Girl


There’s an important reason why men and women are so attracted to each other and it has to do with the keeping the human race going, so if you are looking for a girl you need to know how to approach a girl. However, modern lives and hectic schedules have made it difficult to meet interesting people. The Internet provides some solutions, but it also leaves you open to scams and cat fishing. This is why it’s more important than ever to master the art of approaching a woman, because procrastination can lead to loneliness.

The best way to approach girls

Sometimes you want Mrs. Right and others you want Miss right now. The best way to approach girls should depend a lot upon your intentions. If you’re looking for wedding vows and a white Pickett fence you’re better off approaching with something like “Excuse me young lady”. If you’re only looking for an quick fling, you should imply this when you approach. Of course subtlety is the key, but asking a woman “What’s going on tonight?” shows that you’re searching for something short term and it’s more likely to attract women who want the same. Stay away from lame pickup lines and remember to make eye contact and smile a lot. Call her pet names like baby and darling to gauge her interest and frequently comment on her figure. If she’s wearing short shorts let her know her legs look amazing, and watch to see if she’senthused or annoyed. Either way, it’ll help you determine whether to give up or continue pursuit.

How to approach a girl

how to approach a girl

It can be tricky to catch the eye of a woman with a stable moral compass. She isn’t interested in doing anything with you tonight so don’t even ask. It’s best to approach her with as much respect as possible “Excuse me Miss”. You should then ask for her permission to continue “can I ask your name?”

If she gives you her name, reach out to shake her hand , but not the manly grip you give your business partners. Remember, women are gentle and delicate, so you should hold just her fingers and not her palm. As you hold her fingers in your palm, remember to make eye contact. Don’t jostle her arm from the socket trying to impress her with your robot strength. Be gentle and compliment her on her soft skin. Women go through a lot to appeal to a man and they like to know we notice.

You don’t need a lot of game, you need a lot of confidence. Let her know she caught your attention and you would love to treat heart to dinner or a movie. Ask if she’s already involved and if she’s not, simply place your phone into her hand. She’ll know you’re asking for her number’s but this approach makes nit harder to say no.

How to approach women in public

Some guys will never approach a complete stranger in the street, but you may have a secret crush whom you’d like to date. This can be very tricky if the young lady is a co-worker. There are strict rules against approaching a woman on the job and you’re probably better off trying someone else. However, the following advice is viable to anyone seeking a young lady they see occasionally. The first step is to gauge her interest. If she treats you indifferently and never makes eye contact then she’s probably not into you. However, you can change that if you play it right. The following techniques help average looking guys attract much more attractive women.

the best way to approach girls

First off, you should make no secret of your feelings. Don’t confess your love, but you should smile your best smile, and speak to her in an obvious way. “Haaaay Pamela” with a devilish grin is a corporate approved way to get the ball rolling. Go out of your way to help her and make her coffee. Once she gets used to the attention, cut it off cold. Start treating her the way you treat everyone else. A simple “Morninin Pam” as you whisk past will let her know you no longer hold her in such high regard.

By now, she’s used to the attention and it’s a part not her routine. Your overtly flirtatious behavior was a boost for her because it made her feel special. Now the boost is gone and she’ll probably ask you why. Let her know that you felt awful when you realized the position she was in, having to ignore your gestures because her feelings aren’t mutual. She may give you a chance or let you know shenlikes you too. You just might get a date from all your efforts or even a long term relationship when you learn how to approach a girl.

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