How To Gain Weight


Often times, we hear about trimming down weight that we forget about adding weight. There are many people out there who don’t know how to gain weight. A person’s build largely depends on the genetic factors, which is why it’s extremely difficult for a naturally skinny person to gain weight. Human bodies can change to a certain extent through weight training as well as increased food intake. Gaining weight can be as challenging as losing weight, especially if you employ wrong tactics. When done in a smart, healthful way, you can achieve your weight gain goals in a matter of months. Here are a few tips on how to gain weight.

What to eat to gain weight

Have a clear plan with foods to eat to gain weight quickly.

how to gain weight

Planning is paramount when it comes to adding or losing weight. The amount of weight one is able to gain largely depends on the diet plan he has in place. Don’t think you can consume whatever you come across in your fridge. Eating anything you feel like is a sure way of adding on fat in your body. This is where proper planning comes into play. By planning, you will write down all the healthy foods you need to gain weight and do away with unhealthy foods.

Consume plenty of calories

As well as having a clear plan, you need to ensure that you are snacking high calorie foods. Nonetheless, though the sweets and cakes look tempting they contain the wrong types of calories and fats. Rather, increase your intake of fruits as they have concentrated levels of carbohydrates which are essential for weight gain. Keep in mind that there is a limit to the amount of calories you should take in a day. To see how much calories you need to take in a day, multiply 20 by the amount you weigh.

Healthy eating to gain weight

Focus more on healthy foods to add weight, because even if you eat plenty of high calorie foods, good nutrition is still indispensable. Weight gain requires not only consuming calorie-rich foods, but also nutrient-rich foods. The aim is to select foods that are crammed with minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and calories so every bite is loaded with nutrition. Begin with nutritious foods and then enrich the foods with extra ingredients such as fruits, yogurt, nuts, as well as healthy fats.

Snack between meals

what to eat to gain weight

Irrespective of why you need to add weight, snacking in between meals is an excellent way to pack more calories into the day. Most health experts recommend that you eat 5-6 times per day, with every meal containing veggies, protein, fat and starch. A sample meal includes a turkey sandwich on brown bread with tomatoes and mayonnaise and smoothie. These will nourish your body and boost the amount of calories you eat on a daily basis. Eat often and select wisely, and you can gain an average of one pound every week.

Watch your sodium intake

If you are determined to add weight, you will want to watch your sodium consumption. One negative effect that comes from consuming more soups and red meat is that you might start consuming more sodium. Sodium is good for your health when taken in recommended doses, yet it can have some harmful effects when consumed in excess. If you have pre-existing edema or high blood pressure problems, it is highly advisable that you stay away from stall-bought salty snacks and soups.

Weight gain products

Weight-gain supplements are specifically designed for underweight people and those that want to sculpt a masculine body. With the exception of female bodybuilders who have chronic hormone issues, these types of weight-gain supplements are almost exclusively utilized by men. While a weight-gain supplement can guarantee results, it should not take the place of nutritious meals. They are referred to as supplements since they are designed to supplement and not to substitute.

Weight lifting

Eating and performing no exercise will only convert you from a skinny person to an obese person. It is vitally important to stay active so as to stay healthy, particularly weightlifting. Weight-lifting helps the body to convert calories into muscles. You goal will determine the type of weightlifting you should choose. If you want to sculpt a masculine body, then you need to lift weight a few days a week. However, if you need to grow muscles, you need to lift weight 5 days a week.

Conclusion how to gain weight

Adding weight should not be a challenge. Make sure you are eating the right types of foods along with performing the right types of exercises and learning what to eat to gain weight.

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