How To Get A Girlfriend 5 Sure Ways


Everybody likes to have a partner with whom they can share their life’s secrets and have some fun too but how to find a girlfriend. Though many men succeed in attracting women on their own but a large number of them seek help. It is true that deciphering the emotions of a woman can be a complicated task. Hence men have to be extra careful on how and when to approach women. One wrong step and you will be back to square one. If you are also among the people who are seeking the secret of how to get a girlfriend then this article is meant for you. Here is a list of some simple steps that can help you achieve this goal in no time.

How To Find A Girlfriend

how to get a girlfriend

Be Confident: In order to attract women, your first step should be to be confident in your abilities. Your body language should ooze self confidence. You should not be nervous or shy in approaching women as this is a major turn off for many women. If you are nervous, most women would offer you pity and some charity time nothing else. So stop being self conscious and start being confident. You should remember not to be overconfident or brag a lot about your abilities as it can also send women away from you.

Socialize: Almost every woman likes to socialize with others. They cannot stay aloof and lonely. They need someone to hear them out and flaunt their skills in the society. So if you are wondering how to get a girlfriend then you should learn the art of socializing. You should be easy going a people friendly. You should not be too cautious or shy among other people. Remember a woman would like to show you off to her social circle and you should meet the expectations of her social circle like friends and colleagues (even make them a little jealous of your woman). If you are liked by her family and friends, your chances of being with her for long would be very good.

Groom: It is true that you cannot change your height, weight or skin color beyond a specific point but accepting what you are and grooming it is a necessary step if you wish to charm a woman. Women do not like men with smelly socks or a shabby beard. If you are wondering how to get a girlfriend, you should learn to polish your personality. Remember, you don’t need to change your skin color; you just have to keep it clean. You should also be capable of hiding your weaknesses in a charming manner. For example: If you have a short height, you should wear shoes with soles that give you a little more height so that you don’t look weird standing with your girl.

how to find a girlfriend

Make Her Feel Special: If you have been asking yourself how to get a girlfriend and you have a particular liking for any girl then your immediate attempt should be on wooing her. You should make her feel special and extraordinary. Just listen to what she says, note down her favorite stuff and never ogle her friends or other girls. You should also try to solve her problems and be there for her in tough times. It would get you a special place in her life.

Be Honest: This is the most important step that needs to be taken by you. You should always be honest with the girl you like and never lie to her. Most women are quite competent at judging crap and bullshit so you should always give them the truth. You should also resist flaunting your social status or money as it is a major turn off for most women. You should also express your feeling truly and never lie to her just because you want her to stick with you. You should also try to show off your feelings towards a woman by caring for her and adopting gentlemen gesture like opening a door for her, Taking care of her when she is sick and so on.

Finding The Right Girlfriend

When you adopt these methods on how to get a girlfriend, most women would not be able to resist your charm and you would be the number one choice for women when they seek a good guy.

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