How To Impress A Girl


Impressing women is not a rocket science. It’s a simple process that needs you to follow some basic steps. If you follow these steps correctly then you would get the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the minds of most women. You should remember to follow all these steps as defined otherwise you may mess up your chances of impressing women. All these steps would also answer your query of how to impress a girl?

How To Impress A Woman

Here is the list of steps that you need to follow:

how to impress a girl

Be Optimistic: You should always be optimistic about your life and seem contented with your life situation. Remember no woman likes a whiner who is just looking for someone to take his load off. You should also be optimistic about your future life as most women seek a man who has some sort of security in the future. So you should just be happy with your life situation and never show it off. Women don’t like men who flaunt their money or social prestige at every step.

Be Patient: If you have been wondering about how to impress a girl? Then you should know that a simple way to attract women is to be patient with them. Do not ever rush things between you and her. Let her set the pace of your relationship and never force your will upon her. You should also try not to rush a woman into your bed or be physically intimate if she is not ready for it. Even during your first meet you should never unnecessarily touch a woman as she would not like it.

Be Funny: Humor is one of the simplest keys to a woman’s heart. You should try to be a little more charming by cracking jokes. Your jokes should be smart and not vulgar. You should also be ready to make fun of your own weaknesses and not be offended when someone else makes fun of you. You should also try to keep women smiling by keeping a beaming smile on your face at all the times. This would assure a woman that you are happy in her company and she will be more relaxed in your company.

best way to get girls

Be Strong: Every woman likes a strong alpha male so this is another answer to your question of how to impress a girl? You should be confident in your own skills and be there for a woman when she needs you. You should never brag about your problems in life and seek sympathy from women because most women have only maternal feelings for the men who want sympathy and surely you won’t want that. Your fitness level should also be optimum as it would help a woman feel safe with you. She would know that you are capable of protecting her from an attack by using your physical strength.

Be Yourself: You should always try to be yourself with women. If you put on a mask that is not you, it would fall away sooner than later and you would end up making a fool of yourself. So it’s better to be confident in who you are and let women decide whether they want your company or not. You can improvise your personality by following simple hygiene and grooming rules to brush up your looks but try not to fake anything.

Be Simple: You should try to be as simple as you can. You should be clear on what you want in life and how you want to get it. You should also wear nice and simple clothing that catches the eye rather than wearing an expensive suit most of the times. You should also try not to talk too much about your hobbies like sports or your profession if the woman is not interested in it. Rather you should focus on knowing about her and let her ask the questions from you. It would ensure that your conversations remain pleasant for both of you. Being interested in what she wants is the answer to the question of how to impress a girl?

Best Way To Get Girls

Now if you would follow all these steps, you would make yourself etched in the memories of a number of women. They would like to know more about you and hence you would get the power to be with the girl of your dreams.

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