Law Of Attraction


The Law of Attraction is perhaps the greatest law that affects our lives but only a few people are truly aware of its power. A full awareness and understanding of this law will pave the way to more success at work, in relationships and virtually any other area of your life. But how exactly does it work and how to master law attraction?

What is the Law of Attraction?

Simply stated, the Law of Attraction says that your thoughts can determine what you attract in life. This law operates on the principle that like attracts like. If you think about positive things, you create positive vibrations that create a ripple through the Universe. The Universe, in response, directs the same kind of positive vibrations towards you, and in the process helps put turn your desires into reality. The Law of Attraction has a direct effect on your thoughts and what you manifest in life. Your dominant thoughts can turn into reality. The great thing about this is that you control your thoughts! Therefore, you can turn your dreams, desires and ultimate goals into tangible, concrete manifestations by simply choosing those thoughts over anything else.

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The Law of Attraction and Clarity

Law of Attraction

Experts stress that in order to see the Law of Attraction at work in your life, you must be clear about what you want. The Law of Attraction only works when you focus your thoughts and energies on that goal. Clarity is essential because all of us have hopes, dreams and intentions that can easily get buried under mountains of doubt and self-limiting beliefs that can interfere with the vibrations that we send out into the Universe. For example, most people aspire to reach a dream goal or land a dream job, but certain thoughts or beliefs, such as not being good enough, not having enough resources or the prospect of competition, prevent us from truly applying the Law into our lives. It is important to find and identify these self-limiting beliefs so that we can get rid of them and we can be clear about our desires.

Clarity can also be improved by using a vision board, which is a collection of pictures and items that will help you create a clearer picture of your desires and your goals. The most successful people in the world have used vision boards to train their minds into picturing specific, detailed goals so that they can accurately focus on these thoughts. Clear, well-defined, accurate thoughts are a result of what you feed your mind on a daily basis. If you feed your mind images of your dream jobs, your dream goals, you train your mind to focus on these thoughts and you also attract the same kind of vibrations to yourself. Not only that, but immersing yourself in these thoughts will help motivate you to work and focus your efforts on the attainment of these goals.

Law of Attraction and Action

law of attraction and action

Effort is an important and crucial element to the manifestation of your ultimate goals because the Law of Attraction does not operate on the principle of granting your wishes and dreams without any effort on your part. The Law is not a magical wishing well, as most people would like to believe. The Law of Attraction still requires that you get up, work towards making your dreams a reality. Positive thoughts and focus allows the Universe to respond to your desires by directing more opportunities your way but it is up to you to grab these opportunities so that you can move a step up in the direction of your dreams. If the Law of Attraction operated on the basis of positive thoughts alone, none of us would have to work or apply any effort on anything! But this is not true and is something we should be thankful for. The Law of Attraction is an essential tool that helps us achieve our dreams but action is still is a crucial component of the manifestation of our thoughts, goals and desires.

The Law of attraction is a powerful law that can help you achieve the greatest desires and purpose of your life. Change your thoughts, be persistent in your belief that your desires will come true to attract the right kind of energy. Direct your thoughts to think and focus on your desires and the Universe will respond.

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