The Law Of Attraction And Money


The law of attraction for wealth teaches us that for us to get what we desire in life, our entire being must be vibrating in harmony with it. Once you have discovered the amazing potential of this law, you will want to use it to attract almost everything possible including money. Although using the law of attraction and money creation principles may seem simple in theory, in practice, it can be a bit challenging. Why?

One reason is that we have several negative notions and ideas about money that have been programmed into our subconscious from our childhood. And these negative thoughts make it very difficult for many people to get the conscious and sub conscious mind to vibrate in a way that will attract money. Examples of these negative thoughts are “money does not grow on trees”, “wealth is only for a privileged few”, “my parents were poor and I have no one to help me”.

All these thoughts must be replaced with positive thoughts that will make it easier for you to attract wealth. So in this article, we will be taking a closer look at some of the important steps you should take to use the law of attraction and learn how to attract money you want.

Law of attraction for wealth

1. Remove the Money Repellants

the law of attraction and money

Start by examining yourself with a view to eliminate all the negative thoughts and feelings you have about money. Here is a practical suggestion: Take your journal, look for a quiet place and sit down and do a thorough self inquiry – ask yourself these questions:

* What are my dominant thoughts about money and wealth?

* What type of emotions do I have when I consider my current financial situation?

* What are my thoughts about my financial future?

* When I hear money, what is the first thing that comes to my mind?

What should you do if you discover that you have strong negative emotions about money? You must re-train your mind to think positively about money and develop good feelings and joyful excitement about money. This is very important. The more tension you feel, the more you repel money. But the more the calmness and happiness you have about money, the more you attract it. One effective method for changing your feelings is positive affirmations. Make affirmations like: “money comes to me with ease”, “I have more than enough”, “I am abundantly blessed”. Do this several times daily with a confident smile.

2. Consciously Decide to Attract the Money You Want

After you’ve cleared out the negative thoughts that can hinder you from attracting money, you should make a decision about the exact amount of money you want to attract. Set a specific income goal. Don’t worry about how it will come at this point. Simply write it down boldly and put it where you will see it just before you sleep and immediately you wake up.

Subsequently, you should develop a strong passionate desire for the money you want. You must want it badly. Remember that the stronger the desire, the stronger your vibration, and the greater the motivation you have to think and act productively.

Tip: You can increase the intensity of your desire by putting down at least 10 reasons why you want the money now.

3. Visualize the Money

You need to see the money with you now! This is one of the most powerful aspects of the law of attraction and money. The Universe will deliver what you visualize in your mind. As you visualize and imagine yourself with the money you want, the thoughts of having money (instead of lacking it), will start to dominate your mind. Consequently, your most dominant thoughts will move you to take steps towards the fulfillment of your desires.

law of attraction for wealth

To aid this powerful process of visualization, you should develop the habit of deliberate mental programming. Program your subconscious mind just before going to sleep at night. Visualize the money you want. Affirm that you have it with joy and excitement and express gratitude for it. Do this for at least 5 to 10 minutes before you go to bed every day. Why is this so powerful?

When you sleep at night, you go into the dream state. At this time, your subconscious mind is more active. But the last thoughts you had will permeate into your subconscious mind for up to 4 hours. So what you allow to dominate your mind in the last few minutes before you sleep will program your subconscious mind and create the vibrations that will determine your future.

4. Build Strong Faith

You must believe strongly that the money you desire will eventually manifest physically. Napoleon Hill, the author of the personal wealth creation classic: “Think and Grow Rich” said: “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe; it can achieve”.

Always remember that you can only attract what you strongly believe in. If you notice that your confidence level is dwindling, you must take steps to elevate it. Use several positive affirmations and go and stare at the place where you wrote the amount of money you are attracting.

5. Take Practical Steps to Create Wealth

Don’t just visualize and believe, act out your conviction. Take positive steps that can help you actualize your desires. Work, save, give and connect with people who have links and information that can help you to create the money or wealth you desire. This step amplifies the vibration you have generated through visualization. Now your entire being is vibrating in harmony with what you desire. And the Universe will eventually deliver it into your hands.

Conclusion the law of attraction and money

This is a very brief introduction to the law of attraction and money. Now that you have a good overview of the basic principles, you should take steps to learn more about them and put them to work in your life.

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