What Is The Paleo Diet


In the primitive years of human development, we were natural hunter gatherers – feeding off rich protein packed meats from grass fed animals and receiving nutrients and essential vitamins from the fruits and vegetables gathered. This time is known as the Paleolithic era and, despite being around two million years ago, represents a time when humans and humanoids fed off the land and received the vital nutrients and sustenance needed without all of the harmful artificial ingredients, refined oils, and processed foods that pollute our bodies today so what is the Paleo Diet?

what is the paleo diet

Our bodies survived for millions of years on this Paleolithic diet of meats, fruits and vegetables without falter; however it is only within relatively recent times that foods have changed and humans are consuming harmful and toxic foods that lead to obesity, hormone dysfunctions, lethargy, cancer, depression, infertility, and many other health related problems . Fortunately a modern adaptation of the diet consumed in the Paleolithic period has taken the dieting world by storm and has allowed countless people to finally purify their bodies, shed the weight, and enjoy the natural foods we were designed to consume!

What is the Paleo Diet?

What is the Paleo Diet? The Paleo diet was first coined “The Stone Age Diet” back in the mid 70’s and has been steadily gaining the respect and attention it deserves from the nutrition and health based fields since then. Now it’s coined the Paleo Diet and is an incredibly popular weight loss diet that allows you to feel full, promote optimum body health and still meet all of the nutritional needs of your body without the need for additional supplements!

Paleo Diet Food List – What’s allowed and what’s forbidden


The best part about the Paleo diet is that it has a very vast list of foods that not only allow you to comfortably shop at your grocery store and not spend a fortune on “eating healthy”, but you can easily order from almost any restaurant and enjoy a Paleo based meal! Check out these options

Meats – there is an almost endless list of meats that you can eat on the Paleo diet – in fact any meat that is naturally fed is fine! Bacon, shrimp, pork, veal, steak, beef jerky, poultry and more are all on there! Additionally, enjoy any type of fish since they are packed full of essential nutrients and provide an excellent source of protein!

Fruits – staying healthy is essential which is why both fruits and vegetables are a must for anyone on a Paleo diet. Enjoy any type of fresh fruits, however keep in mind if you’re trying to lose weight that fruits have a high fructose content so you’ll need to enjoy them in moderation! A larger portion of vegetables should take place with a smaller helping of fruits for optimum weight loss!

Vegetables – get your full daily intake of veggies with the Paleo diet. All vegetables have a high nutritional value and should be included on your food list, however there are a few to keep an eye out for because they have high starch content and may make it more difficult for weight loss. Avoid beets, sweet potatoes, and squashes if you’re truly trying to shed off the pounds.

What not to eat on Paleo Diet

what not to eat on paleo diet

The forbidden food list includes all of those processed and unhealthy foods that pollute our grocery stores and are taking over in the form of fast food restaurants all around our towns. Fortunately avoiding them is quite easy and you can follow the list below to know what to nix off of your grocery list! If you must have milk, attempt to drink the whole milk instead of the low fat options as the low fat contains artificial ingredients that actually cause you to gain weight!

· Dairy,

· High sodium foods,

· Refined oils,

· Processed foods,

· Potatoes/cereal grains.

Fat Loss and Promotion of a Healthy Body
Humans are designed to eat a Paleolithic diet which is why people find that their bodies respond amazingly quickly to the simple dietary changes required to suit the Paleo diet. Cutting out all of the harmful processed foods, trans fats, artificial sweeteners and more not only allows our bodies to purify themselves of the toxins ingested and return to a normal state, but it also dramatically improves the overall health and weight loss ability of the body in general.

All of the foods forbidden by the Paleo diet harm the body in some way shape or form. There is a surprising number of artificial ingredients in foods nowadays that cause cancer, and many of the ingredients used in lieu of sugar actually cause the body to have an increased propensity to absorb sugar into fat rather than burn it off into energy!

So what is the paleo diet and how can switching to the Paleo diet allows you to dramatically boost your body’s health and ability to lose weight. With regular diet and exercise the pounds will begin shedding off your body and, the best part is that you never feel hungry with a Paleo diet as you’re encouraged to eat high protein foods such as meats and nuts!

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